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Forever 21: Forever Doesn't Last Forever

A full length campaign made to promote Forever 21 while accessing the fear of growing old. This campaign focuses on the utilization of a brand mascot.

Co-Copywriter/Co-Art Director: Amanda Sullivent

This campaign was based primarily around finding a national brand and creating a memorable, interesting mascot for them. By utilizing an older woman for our young target audience, we hoped to create a memorable campaign based on social, print, and experiential.

As seen here, Tik Tok was our social of choice for the brand. We wanted to directly access our target audience in a fun and lighthearted way as to not come off as corporate. We also found that Tik Tok had the kind of culture that allowed brands to be included in jokes and trends, unlike Twitter or Instagram. 

Tik Tok Profile + Logo.png


Insight: Forever 21 is seen as being for only younger audiences.

Problem: Forever 21 doesn't have a good way to distinguish itself from other fast fashion brands.

USP: By using a brand character, Baddie Grannie, we plan to access the fear of aging in our audiences while also introducing an iconic figure into the social media sphere.

Tik Tok 2.png
Tik Tok 1.png
Tik Tok 3 - A.png
Tik Tok 3 - B.png

We also chose to pursue more traditional media in the form of print or traditional social posts.

These pieces would be utilized to place our "Baddie Grannie 21" character further into the territory of being a brand character, easily recognized by the general public. While our social is meant to integrate her seemlessly into the platform, we want to make sure consumers connected her with the Forever 21 brand.

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