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Roles // Account Planner, Copywriter, Designer

Premise // A full creative campaign aiming to retarget a known brand to a previously ignored market.

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Communication Objective // Broaden the reach of Bang by targeting a female audience directly.

Challenge // Bang historically had a prominent male gaze across its advertising, often utilizing women as props.

Key Insight // "I am tired of feeling like I'm not taken seriously in my work and in my day-to-day. I want a drink that puts me in the right mindset to get things done."

A drink for fitness-minded men

A drink strong enough for the working woman


Bang (What If)
Bang Train - Ambient

A primarily print campaign was designed to help reinforce the brand for commuters, with the specific intent of relating to women in the workforce. An ambient subway wrap was also designed to create discussion around the brand and remind commuters of BANG's new persona.

Bang (Here We Go)
Bang (Hold Up)
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