Bang Energy Drinks

A full campaign which includes print, social, and interactive pieces.


Problem to Solve: Bang currently only caters to a male audience with their advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

Target: Working women in their early 20's to mid 30's

USP: Bang is the energy drink you need to achieve all you want out of the day.

Voice or Tone: A friend giving you a positive reality check

TaglineRetake Your Day

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All of the print ads  focus on the young (early 20's - mid 30's) working woman demographic. By personifying Bang as a friend trying to give you a reality check, we hope that the print ads will come off less like a brand and more like a person. 

The print ads would be placed in high traffic/commuter areas like bus stops, train stations, and more.

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Much like the print ads, the social campaign would also focus on appealing to the working woman. Vocabulary like "take a break" and "get the most out of your day" would reinforce the idea that Bang is here to help you get the most from your day. The tagline of "Retake Your Day" would be utilized as #RetakeYourDay to help promote consistency across the greater campaign.

The social campaign would include more blatant product promotion in order to allow people to get a better grasp of all Bang has to offer. 

Purple Haze Facebook Post
Champaign Instagram Ad

The final part of the campaign would be the implementation of what we call

"The B Line". The project would involve wrapping specific subway cars, likely on residential/commuter routes, with the colorful patterns seen in our print advertisements. The Bang logo would also be affixed on the doors as to help brand them further. 

Upon entering one of our "B Line" cars, commuters would be greeted by a more colorful interior and inclusion of a staffed bar that offers free Bang. 

The hope with this interactive advertisement is to further draw interest in the Bang brand as well as drive social engagement. "The B Line" would become a must-see part of the day and people would hopefully go out of their way to share their experience online. 

This project would also allow our campaign to stretch a bit past our target market of working women. The subway cars would still be made with the intent of appealing to women first, but men would likely also take notice and participate in the event. 

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